“Stuck in a Funk” – By Tony Morgan – Book Review

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Ministry

Here is  my book review of Stuck in a funk – By Tony Morgan

I was looking forward to reviewing this book since I recently became a Sr. Pastor of a church that desires not to be stuck.  I have had the privilege over the years to be a “distant” follower of Tony.  In this, I have stayed the course of reading and being challenged by Tony’s books, blogs and social media feeds.  I do not believe in the past 4-5 years that there has week that has gone by where his writings have not caught me and challenged me.

Having the opportunity to review Tony’s latest book, “ Stuck in a funk? How to get your church moving forward” was something I was looking forward to do.  Tony’s style of writing is conversational, clear and concise.  As I was reading through the book, the brevity of the chapters was essential for they caused me to simmer on them for a period of time before moving on to the next chapter.  I very much look forward to going through this book with my staff and leadership teams, for I know that this publication will cause us to think through things here at our Church and re-think why we are doing certain things.

The outline of the book is logical and flows like this:

  • The Leisure Suit Trap – Why Your Church Is Stuck
  • Hanging Up the Leisure Suit – How to Get Unstuck
  • Stayin’ Alive – Build a Legacy of Leadership
  • Get Your Groove On – Communicate Through Change

Within the four key areas, there are thirty-seven chapters that are brief and to the point.  Tony challenges Church leaders to think through structure, purpose, why you do certain things, how you do things, and challenges the reader to think through and move toward the next level for their ministry.  The quotes are plentiful in this book.  There are numerous one-liners and paragraphs that you can use to springboard conversations and progressive thinking with your team.  Tony’s thoughts on vision and mission along with how to build a healthy foundation will keep me up at night thinking…in a good way!  The chapter about “Eight Characteristics of Healthy Systems” is a great benchmark for making sure the procedure and systems of a Church are pointed, clear and effective. 

The few chapters in this book about leadership was, and will continue to be ones that I run back to and re-read.  His writing on “managers and leaders” was excellent and caused long pauses of personal evaluation.  “Focus on the Team” was another excellent evaluative read.  As he clearly exposed the difference between “delegation” and “empowerment”, it again caused long pauses of introspection on how I am leading.

“When life change happens, people talk.  When people talk, more people show up.”  To me, this sums up Tony’s book and personal passion.  This book is not just about getting church’s unstuck…it is about getting church’s unstuck so that people will come to know, and grow in Christ – transformed lives!  That, I believe, is why Tony wrote this book!

I know that I will be using this book, and referring  back to it over the next year or more as we lay out our systems and strategy for transformation – transformation of a Church, leadership, our people, and our community!


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