A Church Staff Checklist:

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Ministry

Most people in ministry do not work alone.  They usually have a few others on their “Team” to minister with.  Here is a simple and clear checklist for having and developing a strong staff…check it out:

A Checklist for a Strong Staff

Written by Ken Helms

Use this checklist as an evaluation tool for your staff (large or small).

1. Relationship

  • Each staff member has a growing personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Staff members are growing closer to God together.

2. Calling

  • Each staff member has a clear understanding of their individual call by God to the gospel ministry.
  • Each staff member has a  clear understanding of their call by God to our church.

3. Mission

  • Each staff member has a clear understanding of the mission and purpose of our church.
  • We are actively leading the body to fulfill that mission as a team.

4. Prayer

  • We have a daily staff prayer time (each day the staff is in the office together).
  • Each staff member participates in our intercessory prayer ministry.

5. Fellowship

  • We have a weekly staff-fellowship meeting.
  • We have periodic staff “vision and planning” retreats.

6. Team

  • We have a sense of shared team ministry.
  • Each person on the team is seen as a valuable member.

7. Investment

  • Each staff member makes an investment in the lives of other staff members.
  • Each staff member is making an investment in the lives of the church family.

8. Trust and loyalty

  • Staff members can share their opinion freely.
  • Staff members keep confidences.

9. Perseverance

  • Each staff member shows patience with other staff members.
  • Each staff member offers forgiveness towards each other.
  • Staff members are willing to work through disagreements.

10. Fulfilment

  • Each staff member has a personal and fulfilling involvement in ministry.

Would you add anything to this list?  If so, let me know below in the “reply” section!

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