Some quick and simple Valentines Day (and beyond) marriage improvements…

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Ministry

Some quick and simple marriage improvements…

Perking up a sluggish marriage doesn’t have to take all day. In fact, it may require only a few seconds. Here are several simple and fast things you can do to make an impressive difference in your relationship. Try one today, another tomorrow, and a couple more next week. Before long you won’t even recognize your marriage.

—Return the DVD rental.

—Come up with an inoffensive exclamation to use when driving in heavy traffic.

—When you leave the family room, take your shoes with you.

—Use a coaster.

—Before you go to bed, put out dishes and silverware for tomorrow’s breakfast.

—After you balance the checkbook, thank your spouse for handling money well.

—Count to ten. Twelve, if necessary 🙂

—Empty the wastebasket before your spouse does.

—When your spouse comes home from a terrible day at work, instead of comparing notes just say, “You really did have a bad day!”

—When you’re done using the flashlight, scissors, or tape, put them back where they belong.

—Find something positive to say about your in-laws. Then actually say it.

—Call your spouse’s office and leave a loving message on his or her voice mail.

—If you notice the toilet paper roll is down to six or seven sheets, put in a new roll.

—Answer the phone.

—Empty your pockets before putting your clothes in the hamper.

—Refill the ice cube tray.

—The next time you kiss good-bye, hug and kiss 15 extra seconds.

—Unload the diswasher.

—Load the diswasher

—When you hug your spouse, say a quick prayer for them in their ear.

—Leave a post-it note with a heart drawn on it in your spouses car before you go to bed…so they find it in the morning.

—Fill up your spouses car with gas, so they don’t have to.

—Wink at them from across the room.

—Make the bed if you are the last one out.

—As many times as you can, tell your spouse that you love them…all in one day!

Now that you’ve seen these recommendations, let me know what’s been working for you, or some new creative ideas!  Leave them in the comment/reply section below…OH…Happy Valentines Day!

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