6 Questions to help your devotions…

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Ministry

At the beginning of this year, my son and I worked on putting some solid questions together for him to use during his devotional times every day.  These are not “earth-shattering” questions, but some that can help one move from knowledge of God to intimacy with our Savior.

Here they are…check them out:

1) What is the writer saying?

Believe it or not, the author of the passage of Scripture that you read had something specific to say…and specifically about something that has happened, will happen, or a truth to be told to you.  What is the author saying?  For, you may have to read a little more to get the whole picture of what he is trying to communicate.

2) Is there anything here I need to know, stop, change, or do? (How can I apply this to my life?)

This comes straight out of 2 Tim 3:16. Every passage should tell you at least one of these things. (Be careful not to stop at “know” too often; that’s an easy cop-out.) The epistles are obvious, but the narratives are God-breathed too. Look for the insight, for the example, or for the warning in historical and prophetic passages.

3)   What does this tell me about God?

The nature and character of God is the bedrock on which the scriptures are built. Sometimes you have to look past the details of the text and ask what they tell you about God. Find out what the passage is telling you about God and worship Him anew.

4)   What does this tell me about me? (or humans)

The Bible has lots to say about God. It also has a lot to say about human nature (especially my nature). Reflect on what it teaches you about you.

5)   What if it were me?

I often read the Bible as if it were on a higher plane, but those events took place in our world. Get down into the details: feel those people’s pain; cry with them; laugh with them. Read the Bible narratives like you would any other story.

6)   How does this fit into the grand narrative?

The Bible is one story, from Genesis to Revelation. Each event is part of that over-arching story. Find where the passage you’re reading fits into the grand narrative and you will better understand the passage; you may also see God’s plan in a new light.

If you have some other questions that you use during your devotional time, please take a moment and post them below…for it would be good to share these with others…

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