Just Another Christmas?

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Ministry

In the dark lonely recesses of a stable in the middle east, it was just another day.  The sun rose, the animals were fed and watered, and daily chores were done. It wasn’t until the sun had set and the stars came out that everything changed. There, in the darkness, shown one lone star brighter than all the others. It could be seen far and wide. Its light peaked through the cracks in the thatch stable and brought light into a normally dark place. Along with it came an event that would forever change the world. In an unlikely place, in an unthinkable way, the unimaginable happened. God stepped out of eternity and into time in the form a baby to redeem the world. From that moment until this moment, Christians all over the world have stopped for one day each year to remember and celebrate Emmanuel, God with us.

In the midst of beautifully wrapped presents, gatherings of friends and family, and delicious food, I want to share a moment of celebration with you. A moment that proclaims this is not just another Christmas. For today, in Bethlehem, a Savior is born and he shall be named Jesus! His life will once again change the world and change us as we stand in the presence of His glorious light.

On this Christmas holiday, and the days afterwards, I hope you will take a moment to stand under the stars, take notice, and remember that God is with you in every circumstance!

Share with me in the “reply section” below your thoughts on this…and how your Christmas became not “just another Christmas…”


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