Overflow or Empty…the choice is yours!

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Ministry, Video

I have been thinking about ministry recently…specifically about why it becomes exhausting to those that are called by God to serve in a full-time capacity.  I can personally say that many times I fit right into that category.  Though we love what we do, we get exhausted, drained, tired, frustrated and at times we feel like we cannot go on for one more day.  Ministry is tough…VERY tough!  YET, ministry is rewarding, extremely rewarding.

What about strength?  No, not my physical strength, but my spiritual strength.  If I get exhausted in ministry, could it be that I am attempting to minister in my own strength, ingenuity and wisdom?  Am I trying to minister with what knowledge that I have obtained?  Or, am I ministering in His strength and power and His overflow of grace and truth from within me.  Too many times we, as ministers are running dry…the tank is on fumes and we have another big day in front of us that we need to get through.  Have we spent time, QUALITY time with the Lord?  Are we ministering to others from the overflow of what the Lord has just recently implanted within us?

I saw this video the other day and it got me thinking about the Ministry that the Lord has me in.  I long to resonate, not just in preaching and teaching, but in loving, counseling and just serving.

Take the next three minutes and watch this video, for I am sure it will get you thinking…

Overflow or empty…Strength or weakness…His wisdom or your feeble knowledge…the choice is yours..

Tell me what you are thinking after reading and watching this video?  I would love to hear from you via the comments section below!

  1. Brenda Shaw says:


    Good stuff which is applicable to all believers not just those called into ministry. As each of us has a mission field within our homes, community and workplace. All too often I try to do life on my own strength, but time and time again as I yield to the Holy Spirit and allow His Word to fill and overflow within my heart I find that my day is filled with a peace and contentment that I know without a doubt comes from the overflow.

    Thanks for sharing, and my God bless you and yours.


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